Blue Neck Massager with 12 Modes

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  • 【Reduce fatigue and Promotes Blood Circulation】EMS neck acupoint lymphatic massage instrument can not only relieve daily stress, but also improve physical health. Sends small pulses through your neck to stimulate the muscles for improved blood circulation prevent Lymph Node Blockage
  • 【Multiple Massage Modes & Intensity】4 Modes Neck Massage and Free Combination Mode, 12 Levels of Intensity to Choose from. Users can choose the appropriate mode according to their personal needs, giving you the feeling of a real massage, promoting the detoxification of the lymphatic system, and achieving the effect of relieving fatigue. For beginners, it is recommended to start with the lowest intensity.
  • 【Intelligent & Function】Ems neck acupoints lymphvity massager device has built-in key functions, which automatically shut down within 15 minutes to ensure safety. The built-in new thermostat achieves three-second heating, further giving you a better experience to eliminate fatigue. The refreshing function is suitable for anyone.
  • 【Rgonomic Design】EMS neck massager Use high-quality and malleable materials to make a U-shaped neck massage that fits the curve of your neck. At only 0.22 lb (100 g) total, it won't slip, so there's no burden on your shoulders.
  • 【Note】1. Fully charge the neck massage before the first use. 2. It is normal to get an electric shock when using it for the first time. 3. Before use, please wipe the neck with a wet towel. Dry skin can affect the effectiveness of the produc

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