WHOOP 4.0 with 12 Month Subscription – Wearable Health, Fitness & Activity Tracker – Continuous Monitoring, Performance Optimization, Heart Rate Tracking – Improve Sleep, Strain, Recovery, Wellness

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  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: Purchase includes an initial 12-month WHOOP membership, 4.0 hardware, Onyx SuperKnit band, and wearable, waterproof* battery pack.
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: WHOOP is a unique wearable fitness device that offers continuous monitoring of physiological data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, daily activity and sleep so users can better understand their overall health and wellness status and track their progress over time.
  • PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR GOALS: WHOOP is insight-driven, providing users with clear next steps and a science-backed approach so they can understand and improve their overall health and optimize performance. Track and log your daily behaviors like activity, diet, alcohol consumption, stress levels, caffeine intake and more with the WHOOP Journal. WHOOP then calculates which behaviors help or hurt your sleep and recovery most, making it easier to stick with healthy habits.
  • ON THE GO CHARGING: Get continuous data for days on a single charge with our waterproof* battery pack that enables you to charge on the go while you wear it.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: WHOOP offers a supportive community of users, including professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who share their experiences and insights. This community provides users with inspiration and encouragement as they work to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Additionally, WHOOP's community provides users with access to expert resources and guidance to help them optimize their health and wellness.
  • MONITOR & MANAGE STRESS LEVELS: Now WHOOP gives you daily insights about your stress, and science-backed techniques to help manage it. Stress Monitor measures your HRV and heart rate to calculate a personalized stress score from 0 to 3. Based on your score, you can choose a breathwork session to either increase your alertness for performance or increase relaxation in a stressful moment.
  • STRENGTH TRAINER: Strength Trainer fills a critical gap in the wearables space by quantifying both cardiovascular & muscular load for a comprehensive view of your training & overall Strain, allowing you to train more effectively & efficiently. Strength Trainer tracks exercises, reps, & weight usage to calculate your muscular load & strain on your musculoskeletal system, either from building your own workout or chosing from pre-built options by some of the best trainers & athletes in the world.
  • BROADCAST HEART RATE: Broadcast your heart rate from your WHOOP to devices and apps that are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible, including Peloton, Strava, Wahoo, Concept2, Zwift, Garmin Fenix 5, Trainer Road App, RunKeeper App and more.
  • EASY SETUP: Quickly and easily charge your WHOOP Battery Pack 4.0 every time before charging your WHOOP device. Plug the battery pack into a power source using the provided USB-C cord. The LED light will stay red until it reaches fully charged, and will turn green.

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